Mini Kits

Science Excursion Mini Kits are small critical thinking activities that include a lesson and all the materials needed for that activity.

All About Mammals

Preserve animal tracks and learn about the characteristics of mammals. Kit includes animal identification card and everything to make a plaster cast of an animal track.

Grades 1-8, $6.25

All About Dinosaurs

Learn about paleontology and the origin and types of dinosaurs. Kit includes a miniature dig of a dinosaur skeleton.

Grades 1-6, $5.25

All About Leaves

Learn about leaves through making a leaf collection and labeling them. Kit includes leaf identification card.

Grades 1-8, $11.50

All About the Solar System

Enforce your knowledge of the universe by building a styrofoam model of the solar system. Kit includes paints and paint brush.

Grades 1-6, $11.95

All About Birds

Make a bird feeder and watch a variety of birds. Use the binoculars and bird field guide to learn about the different species of bird.

Grades 1-8, $11.50

Food Chains and Food Webs

Learn about food chains by dissecting an owl pellet. Kit includes everything needed to dissect the pellet.

Grades 4-8, $7.25