About Us

Mission Statement

Assisting children in developing a love of learning by specializing in training teachers, parents, and schools in order to provide for or maximize children's educational opportunities and experiences.

About the Creator of Science Excursion Curriculum and the Founder of A+ Educational Services

The Creator of Science Excursion Curriculum and Founder of A+ Educational Services, has been working in education for over 10 years. She is an educator, author, consultant, and speaker. She has taught at the high school and college levels as well as held a position as a middle school and high school administrator. She has a BS in Chemistry from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, a MA in Education (curriculum and instruction) from Chapman University, and a MA in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix. She has experience in training teachers, designing and evaluating curriculum and helping schools meet their yearly goals. She enjoys taking the sciences and making them exciting to young minds while helping them realize that science is a natural part of life that needs no apprehension. On a personal note, she is an advocate of many different types of learning and learning environments and believes that all children learn differently and in different environments. A parent or teacher needs to discover the type of learner their child or student is and help them to become a life-long learner through a variety of teaching and learning styles. She has 4 homeschooled nieces and nephews and one young child that she will soon be homeschooling. Most of all, she loves children and enjoys watching them become excited about learning and seeing them succeed in whatever God has planned for them.

Educational Philosophy

It is a great accomplishment to be able to instill an appreciation for learning in a child. I believe that learning should become a life-long practice and we should encourage all children to become life-long learners. God has given each individual special and unique gifts. It is important to instill in a child the desire to do their best in all they do, because God has given them talents and abilities to use for His glory.