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Thank you for taking an interest in Science Excursion. We have developed a quality homeschool science curriculum for grades K-8. This curriculum was carefully designed with the homeschooling family in mind. We know that many homeschooling parents are apprehensive about teaching science. We also know that homeschooling parents are busy and do not always have the time to gather materials needed for science experiments, which are a necessary part of learning science. Science should not be a struggle to teach, but should be fun and enjoyable for children so that they can see the uniqueness of Godís world and the undisputable evidence of a living God.

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Science Excursion takes all the guesswork and time out of teaching science. This curriculum is comprehensive, hands-on, and teacher friendly. It was created using top scientific resources from a creation perspective. Science Excursion is a curriculum that is thorough in covering the national science standards. It contains easy to read lessons and easy to teach experiments which combine to form an inclusive curriculum. However, if your child develops a specific interest in an area of science, the curriculum provides a complete framework and recommended resources for a more in-depth study. A Student Text, Tests & Answer Key, and a Science Materials Kit are available at each grade level. Each Student Text contains an explanation of how to use the curriculum, complete ready to teach lessons, at least one activity or experiment for every lesson, and reproducible activity pages. The Tests & Answer Key contains tests for the student as well as answers for those tests and activity pages in the Student Text. The Science Materials Kit is an optional purchase that contains everything a student needs (down to a rubber band) to do the activities and experiments in the Student Text (no shopping necessary unless it is a perishable item).

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